The Mountain Cabin,  "Blikhytta"
"Blikhytta" is a small Mountain Cabin with a sofa bed, cozy woodburning stove, propane appliances and accommodation for 4 people. The cabin is 600 meters above sea level and you have a nice view of the west, south and north. You can toilet was get to "Blikhytta" from Nisser Hyttesenter base camp by car in half an hour, or you can walk up in about  two hours. All the trails are well marketed and o n the way up you have a chance two spot moose and deer, and a great view of the lake. G uests can cook coffee and simple meals overusing the propane stove. Accommodation can be arranged with the host.

From the Mountain Cabin, guests can continue up a market trail to Bliki Mountain, 848 meters above sea level. This is a moderate hiking trail most everyone can and takes about half a day. From Bliki you can see large parts of southern Norway, and if the weather is good enough, it is saidthat you can actually see all the way to the sea!

The mountainside cabin Provides a nice break for guests on vacation, Where they can go for walks, bike rides, and horse-back riding. 

You can find a little bit of history here. Look for a Norwegian "cairn" (in English: "cairn"), a mound of rough stones built as a landmark, and exceptionally two create smoke signals on a hilltops. There is a log-book here where you can sign your name.