Hunting Rental


Nisser Hyttesenter is located on the beautiful forest property of Findreng. Findreng is a little over 3000 Daa and stretches from Lake Nisser all the way up to up to the mountain tree limit at 650 m. The area is rich in wild life making ideal hunting for small game, beaver and deer. The area has excelent coverage of car and tractor roads, which makes for easy hunting. The terrain is mostly open pine woods, but it is also marshes, rivers and mountain range. When you rent a Findreng's hunting package stay at one of the Nisser Hyttesenter cabins included. The hunt is very popular, contact us for updated information about available hunting. 

A series of small lakes and streams make Findreng an ideal place for a large beaver population. Beaver terrain is easily accessible and is great to hunt in.  

Beaver Hunting is best from 1.10 to 4.30. The best time to hunt beaver is in April, When the beaver are very active and the days are longer giving the hunter plenty of sunlight for more hunting. 

Please contact us for more information and booking if available. 
E-mail: Nisser Hyttesenter, tel 350 56123