On two wheels in West Telemark



Vrådal in West Telemark is a paradise for cycling. You wont need to travel far to get steep climbs, stunning scenery or challenging descents. Try one of our favorite  routes for both road and mountain bikeing. 

6 suggestions for bike rides on the highway


Nisser Hyttesenter-Vråliosen-valley-Høydalsmo-Kviteseid. 
13 mil. Much stiging. The tour is named by www.landevei.no to 
Norway's finest long distance bicycling see discussion .

Nisser Hyttesenter-Grova-Bustrak-Gautefallsheia- 
Treungen. 10 mil. Average incline

Nisser Hyttesenter-Fjoneferja- 
Treungen. 7 mil. Flat.

Nisser Hyttesenter-Vrådal-Fjågesund-Grova. 6 mil. Medium 

Nisser Hyttesenter-wedge-Seljord-Brunkeberg- 
Kviteseid. 10 mil. Medium rise.

Nisser Hyttesenter-Vråliosen- 
Fyresdal-Treungen.13,5 mil. Flat.

Biking terrain and downhill

Map of trail and road network that is suitable for mountain biking in the woods next to the cottages.